Samsung UN22D5003 Product Support How-To Guides


How To Auto Program Your LED TV Channels From A Cable Signal (2011-2012)
How To Set Up Your 2011 LED TV For The First Time (Plug And Play 2011)
Installing Samsung’s Allshare Software
How To Setup PC Share Manager
How To Use Windows 7 & Windows Media Player 12 To Stream Media.


Page 1. Auto Programming Your TV

When you Auto Program your TV it will scan the incoming RF signal for all available ATSC, and QAM signal. When a signal is found that channel is stored in the TV’s memory, if there is no signal the channel is not saved. To perform an Auto Program follow these steps.

With your TV powered on press the source button and select the “TV” source, and then press ENTER.
Press the MENU button to open the Main Menu.
Use the ▲ or ▼ buttons and select the Channel portion of the Main Menu, and then press ENTER.
Use the ▲ or ▼ buttons and select Auto Program, and then press ENTER.

An on-screen guide will appear, Next will be highlighted, press the ENTER button to start the auto programming process.

Confirm that the Antenna is set for Cable, Use the ▶ button to select Next, and then press ENTER.

Select the type of signal broadcast for your cable system. When finished use the ▶ button to select Next, and then press ENTER.

Note: Most cable providers use a standard (STD) broadcasting signal, if you are unsure of what type of system your cable company uses select STD or contact them for further details.




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