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Avanti CK301

Registration Information 2
Help Us Help You … 4
Parts And Features 5
Important Safety Instructions 7
Installation Instructions 9
Before Using Your Compact Kitchen 9
Energy Saving Tips 9
Installation Of Your Compact Kitchen 9
Electrical Connection 10
Power Supply Connections 11
Backsplash Installation (Only for Model CK30-1) 11
Water Faucet Installation And Water Line Connection 12
Sink Strainer Installation And Water Drain 12
Installation Of Your Refrigerator 13
Installation Of Side Tray (Tray Sold Separately) 13
Operating Your Compact Kitchen 14
Operating Your Refrigerator 14
Operating Your Burners 14
Directions for Use of Electrical Connection 14
Care And Maintenance 15
Cleaning Your Compact Kitchen 15
Cleaning Burners And Reflector Bowls 15
Power Failure 15
Vacation Time 15
Moving Your Compact Kitchen 16
Troubleshooting Guide 17
Service For Your Compact Kitchen 18
Your Avanti Products Warranty 19
Wiring Diagram 20

>> Download manual pdf of Avanti CK301 here!!